Friday, February 18, 2011

Stunning handpainted stemware from ALWAYSSNAZZYT"S on Etsy

Hand Painted Wine Glasses and Black Roses
AlwayssnazzyT'S beautiful items can be putchased through her etsy shop at:

Lona is located in California. Her description gives you a sense of the time and creativity that go into each of her lovingly handcrafted items:
Two, 9" tall Free-hand painted Dotted Rose Burgundy and Black Wine Glasses. Etched and elegant long stemmed with a classy, romantic look. Makes an excellent gift for all occasions especially Engagements, Weddings or Anniversaries.

The etching I did on the stems, makes them a matte black, so that you have glossy on the top and frosty on the bottom. The photos show both back and front designs. And
since these were hand-painted, no two designs will be alike which is a normal characteristic for handpainted items.
click on this link to see her beautiful items:

Hand Painted Wine Glasses 15% discount

She is giving a 15% discount at the time of this posting so please check out her shop and more of her handiwork!

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