Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A new shipment of Frozen Charlottes arrived from Germany! It's like Christmas in February!

It took over a month to receive these little beauties but was well worth the wait! I have listed some for sale in my Etsy shop http://www.journeysend.etsy.com/. check them out!

Tiny Charlotte feet hatching from the packaging

I am still cataloging, photographing and listing them....There are 2 large bundles left in the box that i haven't even unwrapped yet. I am enjoying every last drop of this exciting shipment. It's just like when i was a little girl and wanted something to last...and last..... There are 100 total. some bigger (4 inches) and some less than 2 inches.Some are even creepy little headless Charlottes perfect for Gothic shrines.  I'm selling them in little bundles with freebies like a FREE rusty antique skeleton key.  Please send a comment or pic of your favorite little Charlotte artwork project!

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