Monday, January 24, 2011

How to make your own Jewelry Display cards

I am all about convenience,low cost, and freeing up my time so I can sit down and create some fun Jewelry for my Etsy shop.
Here is a great way to make your own packaging and display for your handmade Jewelry.It gives you the ability to be as ceative with your branding and packaging as you are with your jewelry.
This is what I used but the possibilities are endless:
Printable perforated business cards (walmart,target,office supply stores)
Paper hole punch or "Easy earring cards" punch or straight pin
Printable 2x4 white shipping labels (walmart,target,office supply store)

This is what the package looks like for the brand of Printable business cards that I used:
They cost is less than $4.00 for 250 cards. The first thing you do is download the FREE template that comes with the cards. Each brand will have their own template on their website.  It basically looks like a grid that is formatted to the exact size of the cards. You can change your the look of your font by changing size,color and style.  The only trick to turning the business card into an earring card is to rotate the text so its straight across horizontally as in this picture below.
The cards are now ready to be printed. I suggest trying it out on a plain piece of scrap paper first. They can then be torn apart at the perforations and their holes punched.

For perfect holes every time i have purchased this really cool little gadget called "Easy Earring Cards" . It's a set of two punches: one punches regular holes for posts and one punches a set of holes with tabs for earwires.
To be really budget friendly you can use a straight pin and place your earring card on top of a piece of foam or scrap of cardboard and prick 2 holes. If you set it up like an assembly line it actually goes pretty fast. For Brooches or pins,like the vintage ones sold in my Etsy shop, punching two holes with a standard paper pucnch works great.  The good old fashioned paper punch can also be used for handmade bobby pins. see my pic below....
the "easy Earring card" punch set by
they also sell cool little self- sealing cellophane baggies that are perfectly sized and these little stick-on tabs that will allow your handmade earring card to hang from your display at craft shows.

The beautiful Marilyn Monroe "thank You" sticker was done on printable shipping labels from Avery that can be purchase at Walmart,Target, or any office supply store. Very simple to do--just copy and paste your logo or photo with your text and Voila!!!! It makes a nice addition toa dd to the outside of your shipping envelope. the sky is the limit! Leave me a comment and some photos so I can link back to your shopa nd let's get this blog going girls!


  1. Thank you, thank you for this great advice!

  2. These cards are so nice. Who has designed these cards? Have you work before with any Plastic cards printing an designing company?

  3. like the idea...i want to design Plastic cards unlike that.

  4. Wonderful ideas and exactly what I've been looking for! Trying to get everything to match for my burgeoning business at a reasonable price has been making me crazy! Now if I can just find some inexpensive bags that I can brand with matching printable labels! Any ideas for managing my inventory? Thank you very much for your time and consideration, Joy

  5. Thank-you for your tips and tricks on making jewelry display cards they are simple, useful , inexpensive and best of all professional looking. Love it!

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